In year 2015, 32,477 people came to Finland to seek asylum. Where are they now?

Hasan Al-Karkhi, 14, poses for a photo in an indoor football hall in Helsinki, Finland on November 22, 2020 before a scrimmage. Al-Karkhi, from Iraq, arrived in Finland with his father at the age of nine in 2015. When the family received a negative asylum decision, his father decided to return to Iraq. Hasan was instead taken into care and stayed in Finland. Hasan Al-Karkhi eventually obtained a residence permit on the basis of subsidiary protection.

Wed Al-Asadi, 30, from Iraq, poses for a photo in the backyard of his home in Pohja, Raseborg, Finland on Novermber 10, 2020.  Wed Al-Asadi is a former sergeant in the Iraqi army who became a chef in Finland. He has applied for asylum three times, in vain. Al-Asadi was able to support himself with his work until the authorities denied him to work. He is now one of the paperless.