Yesterday I decided that a little reconditioning was in order for my Nikon F5 that had been sitting around for a few years. What is more, a roll of Superia 200 had been waiting half-shot inside the camera for all those years. So as an added bonus there are a couple of frames from the distant past at the end of this post. Also the first two frames below are shot on the same Fujicolor film. Everything else is shot on CineStill 800T. This was my first time trying out the stock.

With my two rolls, pretty old and newly bought, I headed to the Carnival of Light event at the Linnanmäki amusement park to take the obligatory long exposure shots of moving amusement rides.

I think these are the rolls number 12 and 13. The previous one I posted was the 5th roll. I know, I know! I promise to post the missing rolls soon!

And the promised bonus, a couple of frames from around 2014 or so…

Photos: Antti Yrjönen